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Dr. Kavita Chandak, International speaker and trainer, is devotee of Homeopathy since last 2 decades. She stood 1st merit in Homeopathy in 1997 with honors in “Gynecology and Obstetrics”. She has scientific and advance approach towards homeopathic case taking and very much clear view towards proper drug selection. she has attended lot of seminar and she herself take seminars and deliver seminars in different non-medicos organizations with basic theme of “Prevention is Better than Cure” to make public aware about health.

She regularly publishes her articles regarding health in well recognized news-papers and magazines , held talk shows about “Health and Diseases” on All India Radio .She is Ex-Lecturer of Anatomy and Pathology in Homeopathic Medical College.

She has published 187 Marathi articles,79 Hindi articles and 75 English articles in very reputed news-papers and pier-view journals.

She has successfully prevented Chickengunia with a single dose of Homoeopathic medicine during its epidermic in 2006 and Swine Flu epidemic in 2017. Her only one moto is to kick off diseases from the society with homeopathy, as it provide complete relief without disturbing any emotions of the patient . After all human being is the trinity of life i.e. Mind ,Body and Soul.[immunity]