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Burning Oesophagus

burning oesophagus

Dr Javed Akhtar :
Name:  M. H
Age: 30Yrs/Male
Complaint: Chronic burning oesophagus and stomach
Pt: I am suffering from 18yrs but more acutness from 3yrs. Last i took treatment from very famous and teacher of all Homeo doctor of our city ( 8month).  My couson is also doctor. Everyone saying about you, very competent and teacher of teachers,thus im very impressed to visit you.
Burning too much ,  aversion to work, even stop working when  burning start thn taking tablet relief temorary.  After 10min, 30min or hr.  taking food, water burning start. Can not do exerted work. my child is 1yrs, can not hold for 1min cause burning and aggrivation by walking. in empty stomach feel better, I want to do hard work. yesterday i did very hard work with burning. Most of the time stop my work and by rest feel little batter. Tab. Risik, Ant acid, Gaviscon taking during extrem burning.
There is extreme fear  to start work may not increased burning even fear to take food, it will cause too much burning. Im avoiding and caring about diet, work and all those things who causes burning.
This is the case please Analyse
Remedy of this case is
💐💐💐Opium 30💐💐💐
💐On the basis of CAR and💐 according to Organon of Medicine
👉In mind symptoms Fear grading is high.
👉👉👉Thus  fear taken.
👉Pt feel i have a fear that burning may not increase.
👉Rubric of this version
🎯🎯🔷Fear of Extravagance (1) Op
👉Pt also fear of eating, if he eat thn burning will increase. Rubric
🔷Fear eating
👉Patient is already sufferring from disease intensity, the fear of intensity is present. Rubric on  feel the case.
🎯🎯🔷Fear, anxiety, fright – fright, of, remains:  (1) op.
👉What pt do in burning of stomach
He want to take rest and not like to work.
🔹MIND – REST – desire for
🔹Mind – WORK, occupation, general – aversion, to, work.
👉Aversion is due to suffering that increased, on other hand pt showed i did hard work with burning. Rubric is
🔹MIND – ACTIVITY – desires activity
👉But physical activity cause agg. Rubric of General.
🔹Generals – ACTIVITY, physical – agg.
👉Pt taking medicine also mention the name of medicine. This is the business of Doctor to patient or vice versa
🔹MIND – TALKING – business, of
Pt is careful and cautious too
What the problem pt feel
👉Pt feel burning  and  follow from 18yrs
🔹MIND – DELUSIONS – pursued; he was
Rubrics are follow.
🎯MIND – FEAR – extravagance, of
🔹MIND – DELUSIONS – pursued; he was
🔷MIND – FEAR – eating; of
🔹MIND – REST – desire for
🔹Mind – WORK, occupation, general – aversion, to, work
🔹MIND – TALKING – business, of
🔹GENERALS – EATING – after – agg.
🔷MIND – FEAR – ascending, of
🔹MIND – ACTIVITY – desires activity
🔹Generals – ACTIVITY, physical – agg.
🎯Fear, anxiety, fright – fright, of, remains
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